The Profound & Important Benefits of Omega-7 Fats

For too many years, omega-7 fatty acids have been ignored and overlooked in mainstream medicine. They rarely receive recognition for the incredible health benefits they offer to some of the most threatening conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Omega-7 fatty acids are monounsaturated fats that play a different role than the highly popularized omega-3 fats. The benefits may surpass those of omega-3’s and may even have the potential to save lives. Although there are dozens of ways that omega-7 fats can help the body, the most important for disease and overall health are the following: 

Diabetes & Insulin Sensitivity

Several convincing studies have shown strong links between omega-7’s and insulin sensitivity. One piece of research showed that the amount of omega-7 in the blood and body was directly tied to insulin sensitivity. Mice that were given palmitoleic acid lowered their glucose levels, triglycerides, insulin resistance, and even fatty deposits in the liver. Four different ways this nutrient may help. Studies in people have also verified some of these benefits for diabetes and insulin resistance. How many cases of severe diabetes could be dramatically improved with this nutrient? 

Heart, Arteries, & Cholesterol 

The good news for omega-7 fats doesn’t stop at diabetes. Research has pointed to a significant improvement in heart function, arterial health, and cholesterol profiles when consuming a higher amount of omega-7 fats. A study done at the Cleveland Clinic showed improved levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, as well as an over 40% reduction in aortic plaque after only 12 weeks! Triglyceride levels also improved a significant amount from supplementing with a purified omega-7 extract. 

Chronic Inflammation

It seems like just about every month or two, new studies are showing how damaging chronic inflammation is. This type of inflammation differs from the short term healing response that happens from an injury. Many different diseases show high levels of inflammation that can cause damage like a raging fire. It’s critical to quench that fire as quickly as possible, and omega-7’s may be an ideal remedy for doing so. 

C-reactive protein is one of the best ways to measure inflammation. A clinical trial with 18,000 doctors found that high C-reactive protein levels were associated with a 3 times greater risk of having a heart attack! When omega-7’s were tested to see the effects on CRP, the results were somewhat shocking. A modest dose of purified palmitoleic acid (omega-7 extract) lowered CRP by around 50%! A reduction of even 30% is enough to make a profound difference in long-term health.  

Weight Loss 

Another amazing quality of omega-7 is that it appears to attack weight loss from multiple angles. Studies show that supplementation may help to curb hunger, increase enzymes that break down fat for energy, and even reduce new fat cells from forming! These qualities, along with the glucose lowering properties, make omega-7 fats an amazing addition to any weight loss program. Unlike other supplements used for weight loss, omega-7 fats don’t cause any dangerous actions in the body that can harm the body. Rather, they help the body become healthier by improving markers like triglycerides, c-reactive protein, and arterial health. 

As an added bonus, omega 7’s may help in maintaining healthy skin and hair as we age. The supply of palmitoleic acid in the body decreases with age, which can cause skin and hair to look dull or dry. Omega 7’s help to hydrate cells with fats and replenish moisture from the inside out. Sea buckthorn oil and macadamia nuts are good sources of omega-7, but contain palmitic acid, which can decrease some of the benefits. There are also extracts called provinal that can be purchased online. These supply a purified form of palmitoleic acid without any palmitic acid.